Friday, June 29, 2007

Connection Failed...

The internet connection in my room has been cut. Sigh. In fact, internet in my dorm isn't free, even though it is provided by my college local network. It costs about $35 per month per room. I share the bill with my roommate. Last time I paid for it on May 27. So, one month passed, I didn't pay, they cut me. OK, I think I'll manage to live without internet for three days. I'll be in Hometown on July 1st, and I'll have internet access there.

It's amazing how I'm dependent on the internet. I have to learn again how to do some simple things without it. For example, today I needed to go to a place I had never been to before. The only thing I knew was the address. In good old days I would launch the russian analogue of Google.Maps, named yandex.maps, punch in the address, get the picture and directions, save it in my PDA and go out. Today I had to rummage through my things to find a real, solid, paper map of Moscow. Luckily I have one!

Then I wanted to see a movie. How could I figure out what was on and where? What people do in such situations, if they don't have internet - phone to the cinemas or what? I decided to take a lucky shot and just went to my favorite multiplex, hoping that the movie - it was Ratatouille, by the way - would be running there. It was indeed, and I had to wait only one hour.

The movie was great! I'm now enjoying free wi-fi, provided by the cinema, and trying to publish this post (blogging through a PDA isn't that easy!). There's a guy here who has been sitting here with his laptop for more than two hours. Maybe he's saving on internet bills? :)


Louise said...

I feel like really lost when I don't have the internet. I just discovered your blog and it's great.

nomorespending said...

Hi olga

Hope you got home ok.

3 Things About Money said...

I suffer when I don't have the net, it is addictive and I have serious withdrawal symptoms. Good luck!