Tuesday, December 4, 2007

November Net Worth

Nothing outstanding this month, just the usual routine of saving. My net worth rose by 6%, and it’s now $3,737. I haven’t gotten financial aid this month, so I hope to get two-months’ worth in December, and put it away.

Cash makes over one-third of my assets already. Wow. Am I getting a little conservative? The thing is I’m working on saving about $1,600 to be able to open a checking-savings account with a minimum balance of $1,300. Concentrating on this, I started ignoring investments totally. Now, I have to remind myself, that this savings account can surely wait, and I’d better put more money in my index fund. After all, one-third of cash certainly is not my ideal allocation.


hessie48 said...

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PiggyBankBlues said...

one third cash may or may not be too much- it depends on what you're saving for. if it's really just to open a checking account, that's one thing. but as a student just starting out, an "emergency fund" isn't such a bad goal to have.

just some irrelevant thoughts in brooklyn :)

Tim said...

call me crazy, but why on the earth are you looking to open a checking-savings account with a $1300 minimum balance with only $3737 in savings? That effectively locks over 1/3 of your savings, and in order to access it in an emergency or otherwise, you would be taking at a minimum a monthly maintenance fee penalty. There are plenty of free checking and savings accounts out there with low to no minimum balance requirement and/or maint fees waved with direct deposit.

E.C. said...

What are your plans for after graduation? Are you certain of being able to find a job or enter graduate school immediately? If not, having enough cash to cover at least a couple of months worth of living expenses is reasonable, even if that does end up being a fairly large percentage of your total assets at this point in your life. That's the strategy I'm following, anyway.

Anonymous said...

hi olga

Hope you're ok:)

E.C. said...

Have you given up the blog?

LisaClark said...

Belated Happy New Year!
Hope you are ok Olga, as you haven't posted in quite a time.

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