Tuesday, July 3, 2007

June Net Worth

In June my net worth increased 12.2% to $2,814. Thanks to my final exams I didn't have much time for shopping and eating out, so I managed to save quite a bit. I also got my June stipend (I had thought I wouldn't get stipend in summer) and financial aid ($58 given by the college now and then). All that money went straight to my savings. My stocks have finally started to pick up.
So I have to save only $186 to reach $3K. I'm pretty sure I'll hit this milestone in September.


matt said...

Your Save-O-meters have different values. What are the time frames you have set to reach those goals?

3 Things About Money said...

You go! Congratulations. It's weird how being in final exams can save you money, and that is really good news about the summer stipend.

Olga said...

Matt, I certainly must make my save-o-meters clearer, thank you for your remark. I created them (as I did my NetworthIQ) a long time ago, before I set up this blog. I chose $10K goal because it seemed to be such a nice round number. If I keep saving at the same pace, I'll be able to reach it in three years. I hope I'll make it earlier, though.
The $10K bar would fill sooo slowly, that's why I decided to create an additional bar, which would represent my next big number. Now it is set at $3,000 and I'm sure I'll hit it this September.