Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Final Exams Are Money-friendly

It seems that final exams are perfectly fit for frugal lifestyle. I’m having finals right now, and my spending has become really smaller.

We don’t have regular classes now, so all I have to do is sit in my room and prepare. Eating out is also limited, because for me “eating out” most often means dining in college cafeteria or somewhere near the college. Now I eat sandwiches at home :) Then, I spend less on entertainment. No movies. I don’t feel alone and deprived, though, because all my friends seem to be studying and not going out. There’s also less chance of impulse spending, because I literally don’t have time to go shopping. So I my daily spending is mainly limited to groceries.

The exams themselves usually don’t cost anything, if they are oral examinations or hard copies of papers are not necessary. Only one exam this year was a little pricey. I had to hand in two papers. My printer wouldn’t work, so I had to pay for printing them. Then the professor also expressed a desire that papers should be put in specific zipper pockets, and electronic copies should be provided on floppies or CDs. And I also had to buy a book to write one of the papers. Luckily, passing other exams doesn’t involve any spending.

Well, the finals may be frugal, but what will be after them? What if a poor stressed student will need to go on a shopping spree to recover from hard studying? Or there will be an absolute necessity to throw a Good bye, finals! party?

OK, I think I must concentrate more on studying now... and watch my spending after having finals.


Krystal said...

I always loved whenever I had exams, because I never spent a cent (except for maybe a coffee to keep myself awake!) ... the best money-saving opportunity I've had lately was when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and was in a drugged-up state for 4 days. :)

Good luck with your finals!!

Olga said...


Elaine said...

Hi Olga,
Best of luck with your finals! I've enjoyed your blog so far.

Lara said...

Hi Olga

Good luck with your finals and thanks for linking me :)


Olga said...

Elaine, thank you very much for reading!

SF Money Musings said...

Good luck with finals!

I used to feel like I had to splurge after finishing finals but I'm much better at watching my spending.

nomorespending said...

Hi Olga
How's the finals going?

Olga said...

Hi Lara, thanks for being interested. Right now I am deep into studying. I have the last exam on Monday, and I will still have to give in two papers by June 21st. I'm looking forward to this day!