Monday, June 18, 2007

How Often to Check Funds' Performance?

When I first started investing in mutual funds about 7 months ago, I was somewhat obsessed with performance. I would come home, switch my computer and then go directly to my investment management company's site to check how much I had. I just loved to download new data and build charts - daily! Maybe it's just investing was so new to me, and I was fascinated by the ups and downs? I think I did so about half a year, until I felt weary at last. Now I check my funds just once in a while.

I guess my daily obsession was really useless. I don't trade daily and I don't intend to sell my stocks in near future. Perhaps I should just stick to regular monthly investing, and not even bother about the current price. On the other hand, if I watch my funds and I see them taking a dip, it can be a good time to buy some more. So, how often do you do you check your funds' performance?


GoldnSilver said...

Once every quarter.

I rebalance my portfolio once a year to get back in line. This is when I drop the losers, too. (way underperform, or I have much better alternatives.)

Krystal said...

Every single morning.

I like to know what my money's doing for me, and even though I won't be selling my mutual funds anytime soon, it's a nice feeling to know exactly what they've been up to. Plus, I love charts and graphs. :)

matt said...

I see how individual equities that I own perform every day because they appear on a personalized home page of mine.

I check the overall value of my portfolio once each week and enter it in a spreadsheet in order to calculate the value of my liquid assets. I'm tracking it to make sure I reach my savings goals.

Philip said...

I had the same obsession when i started trading 3 years ago. Today, i do it once a week when i go thru my portfolio, check performances and decide whether to buy/sell.

My equity holding is mostly blue chips and i plan to hold on to them for more than 5 years, so any amount of fluctuation in the price neither excites nor depresses me.

Same is the case with the mutual funds. But when it comes to the funds, i do a fixed investment in them every month. So, a dip in the indices is what excites me most cos it means more units per investment ;)