Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer Is Near

Today I got the May stipend and some money from a job I had in April. I was really satisfied with the sum. The money went immediately to my bank deposit. Today I also put $154 in my mutual funds. I don't want to contribute more for a while.

Now when I think about personal finance I feel a little deflated. Summer is advancing. That's really great in terms of rest, holidays, sun, going out, but it means no interesting stuff about my money. I'm going to spend the entire summer in Hometown at my parents', so I won't earn an income or get stipend for three months and I also won't spend my personal money.

Then there are stocks. I have a little money put aside for investing. But I really think this year a strategy Sell in May and go away is going to be very useful. I won't sell any of my stocks, of course, but I don't intend to buy anything for some time. Things are really complicated in the USA, Russia and other emerging markets. Russian market is having a temporary decrease, while American stock market is up, but it may tumble after climbing up for so long, and it will trigger even a bigger correction in Russia. That's why I won't do anything until things clear up a bit.

So it seems that this summer the finance part of my life will be uninteresting and mindless. Not that I am very happy about this.

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