Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jule Net Worth

This Jule I have nothing to brag about. My net worth almost didn't change. It's not surprising, as I didn't contribute anything to my savings, and my stocks, after a period of high volatility, have reached the level of the end of June. This is my first flat month since I've started investing and tracking my net worth, but I'm not upset very much. I knew my summer's finances would be boring.

Also this month I was very much absorbed by my offline life, but now I'm going to drag myself back to the blogging world.


matt said...

Great to hear from you again. I kept checking in hoping for a new story. I'm glad you're still kicking ;)

GoldnSilver said...

Olga, it's a good thing to have an offline life :)

Ditto on what matt said, it's nice to hear from you...

Dasha said...

I just found your blog and boy am I glad I did!

My name is Dasha, I'm 22, I was born in Moscow and lived there until I was 9, when I moved to NYC to live with my dad. My mother and the rest of my family are in Moscow, so I visit as often as I can and still have many ties there.

I graduated college here in NY a year ago and since then have been paying a lot more attention to my finances. Whenever I try to discuss my finances or financial plans with my mother, we get completely lost! Everything is so different! My mother still uses cash for absolutely everything and has never (as far as I know) had a bank account (she has a "small business" at Vernisazh), while I use cards or checks for pretty much everything and buy a lot of things online.

Your blog is fascinating to me because it gives me a bit of a glimpse into what my life had been like had I not decided to come to NY.... Especially your observations of financial attitudes of Russians.. I remember the years 1991-1993 very well (in my mind I attribute the fact that I am a vegetarian to "nozhki busha")

Nice meeting you and I look forward to reading more!

Elaine said...

It's nice to hear from you again.

Olga said...

Thank you all:)

Olga said...

Hi, Dasha! It's very nice meeting you too, and I'm very glad you liked my blog!

You know, around 1993 my family underwent a major life change too. We moved from one of the ex-USSR countries to Russia. So, I can relate to your experience, even though I have almost no ties left with the country where I was born. Do you still speak Russian? I wonder how you manage to understand both cultures!

I think I can imagine your frustration when trying to talk about personal finance to Russians:) Something that seems natural to you is so underdeveloped here. But I'm sure it will get better.

Actually, I missed all this "nozhki busha" experience. It turned out my mom didn't like and didn't buy them, so I don't remember them:)

Thank you for stopping by. It would be nice to hear from you again, here in comments or by e-mail!

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