Sunday, October 14, 2007

September Net Worth

The September was quite favorable for my finances, even though I had to pay dorm fees. The $3K mark was passed rather easily. The main reason for that is I got the stipend and financial aid for July, August and September. By the way, since this September stipends in Russia will be 50% higher than they used to be. A nice bump! Also, the stock market picked up substantially. The ruble rose quite sharply against the dollar, so the change of my net worth in dollars is greater than it is in my currency.

I tweaked my goal bars in the sidebar to make my net worth goals more clear. It now states my short-term goal is $4,000 by February. At my rate of saving it seems rather doable. Why do I pursue exactly this not very impressive number? At the current dollar/ruble ratio $4,000 equals precisely 100,000 rubles. The six-figure line is important for me psychologically, because it's like getting on the next level. I guess after that it will be all the same, 123K, 150K or even 200K. I'll concentrate on tracking my NW in dollars, because small numbers are more convenient. But right now I'm so excited to approach one hundred thousand milestone.:)

I also decided that I want to have $10,000 when I graduate in June 2009. Right now I have about $3,000. I keep in mind that by that time my birthday deposit of about $2,000 will have matured. I think I'll be able to save the other $5,000 in the next two years.

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matt said...

congratulations on reaching your goal and good luck for the future.